4 Ways to Rock 1 ankara blouse….

Hey party people, it’s yo girl Lui and I’m back again with the deets!!!!

So today’s blog is how to rock this really beautiful Ankara top with achromatic cross detail. I designed this a few weeks back and surprisingly a lot of people really wanted this piece. So here are the Looks!!!!

1. First look is Work chic…

This look is screaming boss lady moves for me. You can always switch up the denim for pants if you want, but this will make you look as smart as anything. This is another look of it in plain pants.

2. Part Girl.

You’re definitely going to be the life of the part in this piece and the bonus is, its so free that you can eat an elephant in this and your stomach won’t show. For me that’s a plus.

3. Church/wedding vibes

Whether it’s to go spend time with the lord or your loved ones, this will completely appropriate and decent to do both.

4. Home vibes

Add some popcorn and soda, its Netflix and chill over here.

This blouse is so affordable it retails for @N5000 only at Luiclothing yup, thank me later!!

Until next time

Love Lui…



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All Meshy!!!


I’m back happy new year!!!

Let me just tell ya’ll something I’m just glad that I’m here, and I’m able to post before January passes by.

Today I shot my first YouTube video and man, am I excited or “eggcited”. It wasn’t as bad or as difficult as I thought it would be. For now we are keeping our niche down to fashion and styling but who knows why the future holds eheeee.

First new year look is styling the gorgeous mesh skirt. So I got this fabric last year, and I made this really beautiful mesh skirt that has a colour sequin embroidered detailing, and this is how I styled it in 3 ways.

Look 1

Paired with oversized black mesh top. I was looking for simplicity as usual and also bits of complimenting colors like gold and green, which was why I paired it with green mules which by the are the most comfortable shoes ever!!!!!!!!!

Look 2

Again complimenting hues, but this time a lot more accessories like if I’m going for a wedding or really nice romantic dinner this would be my go to look. (You know Val’s day is by the corner)

Look 3

I went a bit more casual. Simple tees paired with sneakers and a sling bag, works well for a girls night out.

Which of these looks will you trying soon?

Let me know in the comment section.

Till the next time

Love Lui



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A walk down the “Alley”

Hey Luillionaires!!!!

I literally just coined the word, but y’all deserve it. So I’m back again, yes with yet another bomb!!!!

So meet Alley, I made this a couple of weeks ago, like about 2-3 weeks ago, in gold and everyone wanted a piece of it and I’m like why not make more. So I launched more in fuschia pink, and teal.

I opted for very bright colors because I wanted something girly, bright and fun. So I tried to create a couple of looks with it. My first idea was a bustier top I wasn’t sure at first but I fell in love with how it turned out. I mean black makes everything better.

Shorts are available Luiclothing and it retails for N6500, terms and conditions apply, also check out their Instagram account@luiclothing

Like always don’t forget to tag us when you’re inspired to recreate this look, with the hashtag #stylexbillonairelui. Until next time,

Love Lui….xoxo♥️♥️

Healthy in silk tops

Hey everyone what’s up!!!

Honestly I had thought of how to start this post for the longest time and I couldn’t find any, and you they say it’s best to start anyhow than not start at all. I haven’t been blogging for such a long time and its my fault even though I can’t help it completely. Crazy schedule trying to work and exist and all…

Anyways, so I put together this look, I know how weekend looks are very important to us, so I did look that gives you an expensive vibe, all boogie and what not but you don’t actually have to break the bank to look this way.

I opted for an monochromatic look( same color ) I know a lot of people confuse that with achromatic which is black and white. So my look is all below N20,000 and no I didn’t spend all that at once.

Shoes I got a while back for N6500

Skirt from @luiclothing for N5000

And they blouse also from @luiclothing for N6500

You can switch it up and change your choose to color block or tone down with black or gold. You can also switch up your skirt idea and color as long as it’s a pencil skirt you’re good, it’s still going to give you the look you want.

If you try this look out don’t forget to tag me on IG @billionairelui and use the hashtag #stylexbillonairelui thank you for coming through, until next time.



I was just thinking out loud, if I had a cocktail party to attend what would I love to wear and BOOM!!!!

Lol, meanwhile my chest is still doing me somehow after we lost to Argentina in the world cup tournament, I was really hoping got a win, like really hoping. I usually don’t watch soccer but I did watch this one from start to finish, and all I can say is that the super eagles did their best honestly.

So we can all see why I was thinking about something to cheer me up and cocktails are quite a fix, and so is this dress from Luiclothing I can’t even lie, the color, the fit, structure everything about it is just plain amazing. And it’s perfect for parties.

This dress goes for N7000 ($19.18)

Yes and it’s worth every penny

And guess what?

It has pockets

Comfy chic in maxi dress

Hey everyone, so I’m here to make due on that promise…. I had made a couple of maxi dresses and they’ve become my favorite thing to wear. It’s so easy, simple, chic and most importantly comfortable. Like I can’t even stress the word comfort enough.

I see my self as a plus size because my tummy is a little big, but I pride myself in wearing whatever I want, I always make an effort to wear it in a comfortable way that will mask my insecurities. Maxi dresses are those dresses that can’t event just bother yourself with how you look in them because they will always fit, and you’d still have enough room to eat all you want.

I made this in 2 prints and its available from small-Large. I’m just an email away from shopping this and it’s N10,000 ($27.40).

More pictures ⬇️

Fashion Like a Boss

Hey everyone I apologize for the long hiatus, I’ve been working non-stop and I’m mostly exhausted. Anyway enough of the excuses, I promise to do better.

Down to business so I’m hosting a fashion workshop for people who are interested in the fashion industry and are looking to build a career in it.

It’s a one day workshop, it’s a paid workshop and it’s N3,000 only. If you’re interested please send your payment to this detail:


LUI clothing

First bank

Don’t forget to email evidence of payment to Luinkem@gmail.com with name and phone number.

I have a few guest speakers and I know this event will help you increase your bank account by 120% when you put into practice what you learn. I’m looking forward to meeting y’all at the event.

Wakanda forever!!!

Hey everyone, did you miss me?

So today I’m posting about a look I did a couple of weeks earlier, and since we are all the Wakanda spirit, it’s only natural that we post tho look.

I know literally everyone has gone to see the black panther, and social media won’t let us be with all the updates and feedback. I’m so excited I can’t wait to watch it my self.

When I put together this look I wanted something fun and playful, an outfit that will make me feel like I’m a chilled and this was it.

Paired my Ankara skirt with this perforated tees and sneakers

I hope you like it

Skirt: @luiclothing

Valentines day inspired look 2

Hey guys

Kee kwanu!!! (how are you)

Back with another bomb ass post for you guys

And it’s the traditional vals day inspired look…

Like this look was put together after I made this skirt. Like, let me tell y’all the story behind it. So the red ruffle skirt is named after my favorite cartoon character Betty bloop. And I specifically made it for myself and it turned out great so I decided to make extra 3 pieces for sale. And I decided to put it up on my Instagram story and boom! I sold out, and since Friday I’ve had 8 more and counting orders and in different colors.

It was so fudging exciting. Belive me.

Anyway, this look would be great for dinner with bae or movie date which can lead to #heputaringonit….

I love love❤️

As usual all looks are from @luiclothing

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Love Lui

Valentine’s day inspired shoot 1…

We are here!!!!

I’m putting this post out early because I’m hoping to inspire all ye lovers out there on what to wear to dinner or hang out or an engagement party. I know the love season is here and we are at it again.

So I’m going to put up 2 different posts on what you can wear this weekend for night and it’s “guaran-damn-teed” that he will put a ring on it…haha

So my first look is a flower-patterned dress, super chic and urban and speaks contemporary. It’s decent as well.

As usual all dress are from @Luiclothing

Shoes: Fioni

Shades: Aliexpress

PS: look out for my second post this weekend

Happy slaying